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 like her<br />
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I want to be
like her


For a further year running, the Government of Valencia launches its new campaign for International Women’s Day. Its slogan “Vull ser com” (“I want to be like [her]”), increasingly popular in recent years, seeks to raise the visibility of working women as role models who can motivate future generations


At Kids we have kept the focus on the younger generations, but we contribute to the concept of a more radical, energetic approach, with a forthright, direct communicative tone. As in previous campaigns, the stars are girls and boys of differing ages and ethnicities, but this time aimed at its audience using an empowering, adult discourse that contrasts with the innocence typical of childhood.


The main aim is to raise the visibility of current women’s referents to serve as a stimulus for a new generation of women, free to achieve everything they propose. To do this we took famous quotes from women who have changed the course of history, letting girls and boys speak their words to achieve the contrast and impact we sought. Furthermore, like every year, the campaign gave five women with contrasting working profiles exposure and visibility as examples of success and self-improvement.


The campaign was run mainly through online media, where the full version of the audiovisual clip and its different adaptations for display on social media could be viewed. Yet it also had an outdoor media plan with several lightbox sign, pedestrian barrier, post and billboard circuits.