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The best place
to be born


IVI-RMA asked us to develop a campaign to reposition the brand internationally, positioning the brand as a leading company in reproductive medicine and demonstrating the experience of over 20 years in the sector. As well as emphasising this leadership and experience, the campaign should show IVI-RMA’s work in an emotional way, in fields such as innovation, education, sustainability and above all, the care they dedicate to each case. The campaign had to have an international reach to work in all the countries where IVI-RMA operates.


Isn’t it marvellous to be born in a place of respect, love, innovation and science? To show this leadership in an emotional way we created a homage to life under the concept “The best place to be born”.


Through three stories, the campaign showed the process of maternity from diverse viewpoints: a single mother, a heterosexual couple and a lesbian couple, showing how this process is experienced in a very personal way in each case yet how all of these can be a marvellous experience.

Furthermore, the campaign showed IVI’s commitment to bequeath the best possible world to all those boys and girls they helped bring into it. Solidarity initiatives such as children’s parks in hospitals, activities in support of the LGTB community, policies centred on sustainability and constant training and research into new treatments form part of that commitment established by the brand’s foundations.

The campaign was launched in the principal countries of Europe, the US and Latin America, in ten different languages, in formats adapted to contrasting digital and audiovisual formats. They all showed the brand’s new positioning focussed on the leadership and experience demonstrated over the years.