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One fartón away.


Last year we launched our first campaign for Fartons Polo Sangre de Horchata (“Tiger Nut Blood”). This story invited our followers to take life easier, emphasising the brand’s more human component. This year our line of action involved continuing last year's strategy, with a wink towards the current context imposed by the COVID-19 crisis.


We decided to keep the same communicative tone and use illustration to tell a new animated story, once more set in the village of Alboraya. This time the campaign focussed on publicising the origin of fartón sweets, the Polo family’s star product, and how this simple product changed our way of relating to each other.


One Fartón Away is an invitation get up close and personal in these uncertain times when physical contact has been so drastically curtailed. The tale tells how the founding of Fartons Polo in 1960 meant that people became more united, making the act of drinking horchata a meeting between family and friends. Since then, especially now, the Polo family’s dream remains the same: bringing people together.


In the first week of its launch, our animated short gained more than three million views on online media, becoming the brand’s most widely commented and shared campaign to date. This translated into a notable increase in fartón sales and greater generalised interest from the public. We increased follower numbers by over 30%.