Header Wrinkles

Now is the time

to appreciate wrinkles


Continuing the strategic work of the Frutas Bruñó brand, in which we identify the brand with product quality, its commitment to green issues and innovation, this year we wanted to go a step further in the communication strategy by introducing another facet of its commitment: social commitment.

Furthermore, 2020’s coronavirus pandemic required a special campaign to accentuate the brand’s more empathic, human aspect.
So this year we decided to focus on a highly special characteristic of melons that we all share. From here we built a strategy containing an emotional, intimate message.


While maintaining a premium aesthetic and register in an intimate tone, this year we decided to create a campaign that blended the brand’s product and philosophy so as to generate impact but deliver an emotional message. Thus the “Valorando las arrugas” (“Appreciating wrinkles”) campaign was born.


Wrinkles are a feature that defines a Santa Claus melon. Their shape and depth are synonymous with being ripe and sweet. With people the same thing happens. So this year we wanted to send a message out to the world: It is time to appreciate wrinkles, both in melons and people.


The campaign uses a central piece, a video depicting two stories of two people with wrinkles. Yet this does not stop them giving all of themselves and showing their experience. The graphics focus on the details of melons and skin we have in common, conveying intimate portraits brimming with human warmth.

As well as the video and graphics, the campaign will have a series of interviews and content on the web, dedicated to appreciating the experience of many professionals who wear their wrinkles with pride because they signify years of living.
A positioning campaign that transcends all the brand elements, which we even reflect in the tag line “Appreciating wrinkles since 1977”, an entire declaration of principles.