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Melones Bruñó is a company that grows and markets oranges, melons, clementines and watermelons. The company was founded in 1977 in Castellón under the name of the Bruñó brothers: Hermanos Bruñó. Currently, they export fruit and vegetable products from the Mediterranean coast to the whole continent.

La melonería

As regards brand recognition, Bruñó's difficulty was to differentiate themselves in the sector and stand out despite their product's similarity to those of competitors, with only small investments in traditional media. In addition, we were faced with another problem: the disappearance of local fruit shops, where brands had a better presence, and an increase in supermarkets, where brands are more diluted.


Until recently, all communication had focused on the concepts of tradition and origin, just like the competition was doing. We saw a strategic opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other brands by placing the emphasis on quality and a specific demand for the perfect melon.

To achieve this, we had to make a complete turnaround compared to typical strategies and explore new possibilities for the product, breaking down all the barriers.


This is how "La Melonería by Bruñó" was born: an online and also physical space dedicated to learning and innovation with respect to melons, captained by Rodrigo de la Calle, the "green haute cuisine" chef. This celebrity is an expert in the preparation and cooking of fruits and vegetables, and his mission was to create unique recipes using melons as the stars of the show. After an exciting creative process and lots of experimentation, we got people to see, feel and taste melons like never before.


The "Melonería", or Melonshop, concept was linked to a total repositioning of the brand, on both the graphic and strategic levels. In parallel with communication actions, we completely redesigned the brand's website and its social media content. The new website combines the product and tradition area with a section dedicated entirely to La Melonería, showing a more focused approach to innovation.

To publicise the new positioning and the new looks, we created two audiovisual pieces with two different objectives: a shorter, more conceptual piece designed for TV, and a longer video for networks focused on presenting La Melonería and Rodrigo de la Calle himself.

For the launch of La Melonería we prepared a showcooking event for the media and influencers, who were able to get a first-hand taste of the recipes from La Melonería cooked by Rodrigo de la Calle. The event was staged at El Invernadero, the chef's restaurant in Madrid.


As a result of our collaboration with Rodrigo de la Calle, and to provide more social media content, we created a series of video recipes for La Melonería. Amazing and groundbreaking dishes offering a totally disruptive vision of how melons can be used, with a wonderful display of creativity and technique.


- The Melonería by Bruñó was news in the main media in the food sector and appeared in national lifestyle media as well.

- We got brand recognition and communicated our goal: to make other possibilities for melons broadly available.