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The bike helmet for smart


Closca is the brand for urban cyclists. Its great advantage: it folds. It contains an NFC chip for information-sharing and what's more, it's beautiful.

Despite its highly innovative product, Closca still wasn't well-known and didn't have a clear target market, so the company decided to invest in communication for the very first time and establish its identity.

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Closca is a highly specific product closely associated with city centres and with a big design component. Our task was not only to position Closca, but also to make it attractive to use a helmet.


Closca "The helmet for smart citizens".

We appealed to intelligence, to the minds of those who know how to safeguard their talent. Designers, architects and artists who lead the way on innovation and bring it to the cities. We launched Closca's new vision to coincide with its arrival at a major milestone: its appearance at MOMA in New York.

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- A victory for talent.
- Higher brand recognition.