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Make a cool world


The youth footwear brand Coolway has been creating fashionable urban sneakers for years. After the brand had grown to a certain level of maturity, they asked us to create a brand strategy that would socially position them in amongst young people's conversations. They needed a content that would go beyond the product itself, increase aspirations behind it, and allow more publicity to be generated in social media.


To cover different topics of conversation of concern to young people, we created the cultural and creative platform called "Make a Cool World". This was a concept seeking to convey that the brand wants to make a better world with its products, but also through art and culture. This platform was devised to support urban art, music and fashion.


The first action carried out by the "Make a Cool World" brand platform was in conjunction with the leading Urban Art Fair in Spain, Urvanity. Together, we created a category of urban installations scheduled to invade the Madrid city centre for the week-long art fair, with 5 works by leading world artists. The brand also led one of the 3 categories of the Fair, supporting the transgressive graffiti art style that lives and dies on the street.

1010, Moneyless, Isaac Coordal, Sabek and Quiñones were the 5 geniuses selected to fill Madrid with art and colour.


After two weeks on downtown streets and squares in Madrid, a huge number of national media for both art and lifestyles echoed the action. The sheer quality of the installations was what garnered the most attention and praise from art lovers and authorities, and we successfully managed to enhance brand perception by sharing space with others such as Loewe, Mahou, IQUOS and Tuenti.