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Grupo Yorga, the international footwear company based in Spain, wanted to develop by creating a stylish new product line.

Fashion is short-lived and transient and the younger generation likes to experiment with comfort and technology. Sportswear is now a basic and the line between casual and formal is starting to blur.

The company decided to launch a new product portfolio to meet the needs of younger customers and is doing so with a new brand.

Our objective was to create and develop the Coolway Freestyle world and brand.

coolway brief


We decided to develop the "cool" concept without changing the company's naming and create an inclusive brand. A flexible, technological brand, rooted in urban culture and unity. We also worked on product architecture, selecting the most appropriate references for our target and standardising the portfolio style.


So Coolway Freestyle hit the market. A new brand under the Coolway umbrella, creative, technological and international.

The "Test Life" brand concept dared young people to experiment by trying out different lifestyles with a creative, innovative product. Test Life shows a world without context where real life and virtual life merge together in the same landscape.

Our first campaign "Tested with Humans" focussed on the features of a pioneering product, using different tests to demonstrate its different technologies, inviting you to "test" the trainers.

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- The new brand gained wide acceptance among the public. The designs that appeared in the campaign became best-sellers. Very soon, Coolway Freestyle had positioned itself as another alternative on the urban fashion scene.
- We heightened the perception of quality and built a distinctive, experimental, pioneering world.

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