Header Dacsa. Make it epic, 2019

Arroz Dacsa:
Make it epic


As in previous years, Dacsa Rice sought a visibility campaign to place its star product centre stage: the authentic rice of Valencia with its own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This campaign’s main goal was to build the brand, positioning it as a product of maximum quality and maintaining the connection with an audience that expected to be surprised with each new campaign.


As a general rule, communications about PDO products use a traditional code and language, focussed on placing value on the product characteristics. To set ourselves apart we decided to break completely with the sector codes, using a creative concept that put the consumer to the fore instead of extolling the virtues of our rice.


The concept “Make it epic” stems from a fact: it is impossible to improve a unique, excellent product such as rice with a Valencian PDO. From here onwards, we involved consumers, giving them the stage and inviting them to make our rice epic through their own contributions and experiences. We provide the best product, but it is consumers who make it epic.


The campaign’s centrepiece is a spot, where we show how the most epic paella in the world is made, with firewood lit by Antonio Rebollo in the style of the Barcelona 1992 Olympics and veggies lofted by David Ferrer, among other exaggerations. The campaign continues abroad and on digital media, where we invite Dacsa followers to cook their own epic paella. This dynamic has the reward of a prize draw of various real, epic experiences, such as paella served up in a balloon or while enjoying a breathtaking view.