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Arroz Dacsa:
Rice and things

Brief and Objectives

For years, the Dacsa rice brand produced its advertising campaigns around Valencia's signature dish: paella. After the success of "The Dacsa School of Paella for Valencians" and the "Official Paella League", Arroz Dacsa wanted to go further with its advertising and showcase the rest of the rice in its range.

To come up with a new creative concept as good as the previous campaigns for impact and visibility, but one that wasn't just about paella. To work with other rice in the brand, as well as a content strategy based on innovative recipes.

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Once again, we adapted an insight associated with the world of paella, but his time we took a completely different approach. Taking the eternal debate on what paella is and isn't, we decided to leave the argument to one side and opt for freedom, quality and creativity in the kitchen.

Our strategy involved taking a neutral stance and embarking on a new path: whether or not you follow the traditional recipe, it is always vital to use quality ingredients and methods. This is the only way to enjoy your rice in all its glory.

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This is how "Rice and things, a job worth doing is worth doing well" was born. A campaign that set the dispute to one side in favour of discussing good rice. Because whatever the recipe, call it what you will, one type of rice isn't worse than another provided it's cooked with sound judgement.

Our advert parodied the eternal conflict around the traditional paella recipe and a call to action sent people to our landing page, where the user could find the best recipes for "rice and things" in the world, using different varieties of Arroz Dacsa rice as the main ingredient.

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With the help of several innovative chefs, we invented a series of recipes under the heading "Rice and things". Really attractive dishes that offered customers new ideas, very different from what other rice brands are doing.


- More than half a million views in Facebook, split between the Valencian and Castilian versions.
- We achieved the communication objective, advertising other rice varieties.
- We made the news in almost all local and some national media.
- We won the public over, generating positive opinions on both sides of the dispute.