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Donuts presents its new doughnut – a smaller size midway between a classic Donut doughnut and Donettes. This new range being launched contained a lesser amount and therefore fewer calories at each intake. Our mission was to create the naming and creative concept of the new brand to make Donut consumption a fast easy activity, free of remorse.


Buscamos un concepto fresco y urbano. Analizamos a nuestro público objetivo, hombres y mujeres que viven y trabajan en la ciudad, inmersos en el pulso frenético del día a día, con poco tiempo para comer y, por tanto, con la necesidad de nuevos productos que les hagan la vida más fácil.


Thus Donuts Pocket were born: the Donut you carry with you. It fits your lifestyle because it goes everywhere with you. A Donut you can finish in a couple of bites and which fits in your pocket, so you can enjoy your Donut moment any time.


Our main challenge was to create a brand aligned with Donuts’ current corporate identity but which meanwhile could provide a fresher, more urban touch, distinguishing itself as a novelty in the range. We based our concept on the resource of a pocket, so as to graphically transmit the new product values into an immediate visual impact.