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Gioseppo Kids is the children's brand of Gioseppo, the footwear company. Like every year, it presented its two new collections for 2017 and looked for a high-profile campaign that would make them stand out in a segment with repetitive conventions and little differentiation.


The client's main concern was to create a more ground-breaking, contemporary campaign, leaving behind the line it had followed to date and getting much closer to the world of fashion.


We decided to look for differentiation by turning convention on its head. This time we wouldn't produce advertising to use, instead we would adopt a ground-breaking format, both with regard to the target audience and the market trend.

While other brands were producing conventional advertising, all very similar, we decided to make a Fashion Film for children, showing the product as the lead character in a story.

We commissioned Víctor Claramunt, a specialist in this genre and international award-winner for work such as Breaking Rules, to direct the film.


This was the context for the birth of Gioseppo Stories: a great story told in two chapters, Summer and Winter, inspired by two classics, Romeo and Juliet and Alice in Wonderland, set against a contemporary urban background where fashion, dance and children are the protagonists.

So, we built a unique world, edgy and modern, which moved children and adults.

Summer Stories
FW17 Fashion Film
Winter Stories
FW17 Fashion Film


- The pieces were a success in the main fashion film festivals worldwide.
- We set a precedent for the brand by giving its communication a radical twist.
- Our Gioseppo Kids campaign ended up sidelining the brand's main campaign, which had been much more costly.