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The Sub:
Innovation made
by Heineken

Brief and Objectives

Heineken, together with Marc Newson, created a revolutionary product for the home: The Sub. A barrel that serves beer at the perfect temperature.

The Sub is aimed at "the man of the world", a masculine consumer with skills and concerns who loves to innovate.

The brand decided to unveil it to the Spanish market with a revolutionary launch. Our objective was to generate desire and turn it into the Christmas present.


We wanted to make The SUB a cult object, indispensable in any household. An exclusive product associated with the most innovative circles in design, fashion and lifestyle.

The SUB demands a ritual, a private experience, which is why we decided that the launch should revolve around its point of use, the home. For its unveiling we worked together with celebrities and influencers who helped us to make the content go viral.


We took advantage of #NavigatetheSub private parties
To create a buzz, we started organising individual parties in the houses of opinion leaders such as Moisés Nieto, Arturo Valls, Diego Osorio and Enric Pastor.

The SUB had its formal society début when we turned the Prado Medialab space in Madrid into every man's dream home. A loft with a jacuzzi, pool room, mini-golf, fireplace, a Harley, American bar and all sorts of exclusive items. On the stroke of midnight the house turned into a nightclub, just by pulling a lever.


- We made The SUB the cutting-edge gadget.
- We appeared in all the trend media with an Earned Media Value of more than €1,000,000.
- We reached our sales targets.