Header Hidrosalud, The perfect bottle is the one that doesn’t exist

The perfect bottle is the
one that doesn’t exist


Hidrosalud is a company specialised in manufacturing and marketing water treatment systems, enabling homes to possess purified running water using diverse techniques such as reverse osmosis. In this way the drawbacks stemming from indiscriminate plastic bottle use are mitigated, benefiting both the consumer and the planet. Our aim was to publicise a product based on support for a current issue: the crusade against plastic waste.


How to establish a presence amongst the major water brands? We decided to approach a concrete, undeniable reality directly: plastic bottles cause a serious problem for the environment and it is time to change things.


This was where our idea of a perfect bottle was born: the only one you will never see floating in the sea, or thrown on the street, or abandoned amongst the bushes, one you will not have to recycle continually … That perfect bottle is none other than our water treatment systems. Because the perfect bottle is the one that does NOT exist.

Through a prescriptive campaign starring the TV presenter Jorge Fernández, we communicated that perfect bottle to viewers, only to make a final about-face and reveal that the ideal bottle does not exist, that we should opt for other alternative methods if we want to do some good for the planet.


On the back of the campaign the platform “Planet Friends” was created, focussing the entire Hidrosalud communications strategy on the more sustainable slant of the product and the company, making our concept its business motto.

The national TV media plan was reinforced with a campaign on social media, received well by the public, translating into an increase in demand for the product.