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Brief and Objectives

Spain Select is the brand for buying, selling and renting luxury properties in Madrid. Best known for its experience with hospitality, the company decided to segment its business and create Home Select, a new brand aimed exclusively at real estate.


Home Select has 360º vision in the world of real estate, but experiences many difficulties expressing its value proposition in words and positioning itself with regard to its parent brand. Our objective was to position the new brand, and advise the business on strategy.



Home Select set up its own flagship in the centre of Madrid, an exclusive and intimate place where customers can sit down to discuss their needs. In a world where real estate companies are sometimes seen as cold, Home Select could be the warm, human brand the market was waiting for. In addition, the brand had such a wide, comprehensive business that it was experiencing difficulties putting its services directly into words.


We positioned Home Select as a new concept of premium real estate consultancy, developing the Real Estate concept and offering a comprehensive, individual, person-centred approach.

"We discovered that our business is not about houses, but rather it's about the happiness of people who live in them."


We created the figure of Home Selectors, real estate agents morphed into welcoming confidantes who advise you on all your needs. We also celebrated the importance of design in the sector and its consistency within luxury properties.



Once we had repositioned the brand and created new materials, we achieved a presence in all the sector media, brand recognition and new customers. Today, Home Select is a relevant brand within the Spanish luxury real estate sector and is still growing towards new business units.