Header Hu-Ha Wine

The 'techno-tinto'
by Chimo Bayo


Bodegas Arráez is the most irreverent and rogue-like wineries in the Spanish Levante region and probably in the whole world. Their label designs and namings, together with the quality of their wines, has allowed them to reach out to lots of people.

After the success of Mala Vida [Bad Life] and Vividor [Bon Vivant], and a line of rogue wines already on the market, we needed to do something even more notorious so that everyone would discover this very peculiar winery.



Taking advantage of the 30th anniversary of the Ruta del Bakalao, a musical movement that made Valencia and the Spanish Levante famous around the world, we decided to create a wine with a Valencian grape that paid homage to this great moment of freedom and hedonism. It had to be a striking wine with a powerful name. A wine with which to celebrate an unforgettable era.


We sought out the greatest representative of that era, the DJ who marked a before and after in Spain: Chimo Bayo. And a song with a chorus that nobody in Spain can ever forget: HU-HA. And we went ahead and created the first wine from a Spanish DJ, a red techno wine with a highly noticeable fluorescent label and a description on the back label that really got people talking.

The vertical yellow fluorescent label with the letters HU-HA on the front was a statement leaving no one indifferent, generating high impact on the shelf. For the hospitality channel the label was black, with lettering in yellow. This elongated vertical label is quite uncommon in the wine sector, with a text on the back that gave people a lot to talk about.

For the HU-HA techno red launch, we prepared a documentary piece that commemorated the Bakalao Route, making a bid to recover its spirit through this wine. A viral video starring Chimo Bayo showed a series of trailers for social media that caused lots of excitement.

But before launching anything, we decided to see what would happen if we filtered a photo taken from the back of the label. Would people think it was a joke, or would they take it seriously? We soon saw that WhatsApp groups were smoking hot, the photo was shared like crazy and even the mainstream media started talking about it. So it was time to launch the first teasers and increase curiosity, bringing out a press release and announcing a techno-tasting event starring Chimo Bayo.


This was held at a nightclub, making it clear that night-time is also the right time for wine according to Bodegas Arráez, and with great expectation from the media and guests, HU-HA was given out for tasting to the rhythm of Bakalao songs.


The week before the wine was launched, HU-HA wine was one of the most searched for phrases on the internet, all national media echoed the news, and in less than a week, 20,000 bottles were sold, 800 through the winery's website. The winery received calls from all over Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Singapore. And thanks to HU-HA, we managed to publicise the winery's philosophy and the rest of its wines amongst new customers everywhere.