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IVI: Call your mother


IVI was born in 1990 as the first medical institution in Spain specialised entirely in Human Reproduction. Since then they have helped over 160,000 children to be born, thanks to ongoing innovation and implementing the latest treatments for assisted reproduction. The IVI is one of Europe’s reproductive centres with the highest pregnancy rates: 9 out of 10 couples who consult the IVI for infertility problems achieve their ultimate goal.

This is why for Mother's Day, they asked us to transmit all their experience and effectiveness in an emotionally charged communication that would connect with all kinds of audiences.


In 2018, IVI made 23,354 phone calls to tell women they were going to be mothers. To share all the emotion produced in these calls, we decided to invite young people from all over the world to call their mothers and tell them what they really feel for them.

It was a tribute to all mothers, making everyone aware of the importance of motherhood, and transmitting all the feelings that a call to mummy can bring. And of course, encouraging everyone to talk to their own mothers.


"There are calls that give wings to life" was the concept of this social experiment that showed all the feelings produced by something as simple as a phone call – a fact that the IVI knows very well.


The campaign was launched in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Panama and the United States, improving engagement and brand recognition, and reinforcing IVI’s position as a leader in the reproductive medicine sector.