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Eggs with flavours


Eggourmet is a company that has invented eggs with aromas like truffle, ham, garlic, tomato and Roquefort cheese. This was a great innovation that had to be sold to consumers in the most attractive way possible. A new brand requiring naming, a graphic identity, packaging and a powerful story that would stand out on the supermarket shelf.


After analysing the sector, we realised there was lots of room to stand out and offer a surprise on the supermarket shelf, because egg brands have most often been simply descriptive product brands. But if we were able to create an appealing discourse and a new experience for the consumer, we could very well become a much more desirable and memorable brand for shoppers.


We redefined the company name, thinking about future projects involving more things than just eggs, so we came up with “Creative Chickens”, while naming the new product KOROKO. An easy to pronounce, easy to understand name, with a global appeal. The identity had to explain the product properly, so we visualised a broken egg with the inside containing the ingredient giving the egg its specific flavour. We also created a funny story that would be coherent with the production process. We made it clear that this was a healthy farm product undergoing no strange alterations whatsoever.


KOROKO flavoured eggs are now a reality in the main supermarkets and traditional covered markets, standing out above the competition. The packaging was awarded the Best Branding Packaging at the Best Awards, and was praised for its innovative and attractive design.