Header Las Naves. The People Project.

Las Naves:
The People Project


Las Naves, Valencia’s centre for social and urban innovation, required a 180º about-face in its communications, to publicise to residents all the projects they are developing to make Valencia a healthier, more sustainable, shared city.


Right from the start we focussed on people. We grew from the idea that innovation has no point if it is not aimed at improving people’s lives. So our campaign needed to speak to residents on a personal level, shedding its scientific tone and jargon, while shining the spotlight on the real people who exist behind each project.


So the “People Project” was born. It was a campaign that did not speak of technological achievements but of people, temporarily substituting the names of the innovation being developed at Las Naves for the actual names of people benefiting from these projects, which is the real reason such projects exist.


It was launched in the communications media at a special event with the participation of Joan Ribó. It focussed on outdoor advertising media, using several circuits of light box signage, hoardings, large displays and so on, as well as a large number of special interventions on buildings and street furniture. Furthermore, we launched an audiovisual piece on social media along with several radio spots to publicise the project, inviting the general public to find out more on Las Naves’ new website.