Header Lucera

Smile. Lucera’s here.


Lucera, a new independent electricity provider, asked us to develop a new communications strategy and give service to the creative actions of its new marketing plan centred on a more sustainable, transparent, real model.


To generate greater brand recognition and show that people-focussed attitude, we created a series of graphic images that reinforced the symbol of its logo, showing the change Lucera represents compared to traditional electricity providers.


“Smile” plays with the brand’s graphic identity, adapting it to the different messages and target audiences, reflecting the change in the attitudes of users who contract Lucera energy. Through an outdoor digital and radio campaign we showed society the attitude of a brand that is here to revolutionise the market.


The campaign, launched nationally, with a series of graphic images, radio and digital slots, helped Lucera position itself on the playing field of electricity providers as an option that is independent, in close contact and transparent.