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Bodegas Vicente Gandía:
El Miracle


Bodegas Vicente Gandía is turning 135 years old, so to celebrate, it is offering a new range of one of its most prestigious wines: El Miracle (The Miracle).

For its launch, we created a new brand positioning that invited consumers to savour each brief moment in life, infusing that real experience into drinking a glass of El Miracle wine.


El Miracle (“miracle” in Valencian) is an allegory of every daily “miracle”, dedicated to those rare or extraordinary events. Under this premise, we created the concept “Make it happen”, a concept that encourages, guides and stirs you to experience extraordinary moments. A way of urging consumers to create those moments worth sharing.

The brand’s storytelling was presented as a manifesto defining the brand:


This experience was accompanied by graphics, a website and a video that brought the experience alive, inviting you to download it from the different platforms’ app stores.

It used an aesthetic visual universe that recalled the wine’s organoleptic notes. Basing these on different materials and textures, we managed to link El Miracle’s magic to our concept “Make it happen”. We inspired consumers to appreciate each brief moment as an extraordinary event.


We wanted “Make it happen” to ensure that a real experience became palpable for consumers. To that end, we created an augmented-reality experience that could be personalised. A mobile experience in which you could choose the photo of an instant or a person to whom you wished to dedicate that “miracle” of sharing a glass of wine.
That dedication arose magically from the bottle itself, interacting with the space through the latest augmented-reality technology, creating a different dreamlike space for each El Miracle variety.