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Generalitat Valenciana:
Christmas 2018/19


As in previous years, the Government of Valencia asked us to participate in its annual competition for the launch of its Christmas campaign, aimed at placing value on local products. They sought a creative concept that reflected the value of such products as a fundamental part of the Christmas celebration, and which contained their emotional charge.


Building upon last year’s concept, in which we communicated the importance of sharing our products as the nexus of union, this year we went a step further, focussing on the capacity of our products to bring people together.


So the concept of “Products that travel” was born. A message that spoke on one hand about an objective reality, which is the wide distribution of our products worldwide, and on the other hand spoke in that emotional sense, appealing to the sentimental value of each of those products. Because when you receive a block of Jijona turrón (nougat-like sweet) or a bottle of Requena cava (méthode champenoise), you likewise receive the emotional gift of remembering the special person who sends it.


Thanks to the spot and the other adaptations, based on a graphic universe of postal art (postcards, wrapping paper, etc.) we managed to connect with the public and improve perception regarding our local products, imbuing them with added value. People began to see our products as a gift, to be more aware of their value, and to recognise the Government of Valencia as an entity that promotes our culture and our tradition.