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Tiger nut blood


Fartons Polo is a family business dating back over half a century, dedicated to the production of the sweet breadsticks known as "fartons", which locals dunk in tiger nut milk – “horchata de chufa”. For this campaign they were looking for an about-face in their communication, which had hitherto been based on local insights, and which were not very representative of their broad-reaching business scope. The brand was known mainly for its "fartons", when the reality is that its product range is much richer and more varied.


To publicise their full range of products and, above all, improve their brand recognition, we said goodbye to local insights and typical, local in-jokes to tell a more universal story that everyone could empathise with. To achieve this, we used a recognisable insight from beyond our borders, building an animated short story that enjoyed the collaboration of one of Valencia's most valued illustrators worldwide: Paco Roca.


This is how we gave birth to "Tiger Nut Blood: the history of the people who had horchata in their hearts", a work of fiction that tells the story of the people who literally had tiger nut milk coursing through their veins, and who decided to share their gift with the rest of the world.

The story posed a kind of uncomfortable reality: we are all living such stressed-up lives that maybe a little tiger nut milk wouldn't be a bad thing for our blood, so we can take things a little more calmly. This is how we turned a quaint, outdated concept into a terrain offering more positive perspectives, helping us to generate content in social networks.


To round out the campaign we went one step further, allowing people to exchange their very own blood for “horchata”. By which we mean that we reached an agreement with the Valencian Community Blood Transfusion Centre, convincing them to offer horchata and fartons to all blood donors as the main after-donation snack.


The campaign obtained a fantastic reception in the media, with nearly one million views on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, plus thousands of comments, interactions and shares over a two-month period.