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Poppyns + Ecoalf:
Green Friday


Poppyns is a fashion and designer accessories store committed to responsible and sustainable purchasing. Among their new brands, one that deserved special attention came up: ECOALF. Coinciding with the arrival of Black Friday, they decided to modify their way of understanding fashion by creating a specific brand action, and GREEN FRIDAY was born. It was a day where there would be no discounts, but a portion of sales would go to the preservation of the Ecoalf Foundation.


To claim media attention, we decided to publicise Green Friday in a very special way: the stars of the new ECOALF collection would be farmers from the Valencian market gardens. People who are completely removed from trendiness, maybe, but at the end of the day the real protagonists of all the action.


Using the concept "A different purchase", we created a video starring Javier Goyeneche, founder of the ECOALF brand, and owners of Poppyns and the farms. A collection of T-shirts with specific messages and an exhibition was staged at the store with large-format photos of the farmers and producers.


Through this campaign we managed to convey the Poppyns brand philosophy, highlight the presence of ECOALF in the store and media, and gain social attention through all the days of the campaign.