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Puerto Coco:
The gastronomical paradise


Puerto Coco is a new chain of buffet restaurants that opened in 2019, requiring a graphic identity for the whole chain, plus positioning and brand personality.


Working hand in hand with the architects, we decided to create a very fresh, summery identity that would convey consumers to a hidden island in the middle of the Pacific. We created our own visual language allowing us to communicate the brand on almost any vehicle in a coherent and transgressive way.


"Free, free, free" is the brand concept chosen to convey the uniqueness of this brand. This ensures they are free in everything they do, from the basic products, the decoration and communication within the space, and all the way through to the entertainment available on the premises.


The result was a space that is completely differentiated from others on the market, like a trip to the Caribbean in the middle of the city – a new freedom allowing people to eat, drink and have fun more than anywhere else.