Header Saona. Love for the Mediterranean, 2020

Love for the Mediterranean


Fifteen years ago, Saona restaurant opened in Valencia. Its affordable culinary offerings, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, in a carefully curated Balearic Island atmosphere, made it a lightning success. Nowadays Saona Group has over 20 restaurants in its four formats (Saona Quick, Turqueta, Tago Mago and Saona) distributed around Madrid, Valencia and other Mediterranean cities. In forthcoming months, the group aims to keep growing throughout Spain.


Due to the group's expansion, it needed to build and invest in its main brand, creating a value proposal and a universe to enable it to be a referent within the category of large Spanish restaurant groups. Saona’s challenge was to offer as differentiated, authentic and recognisable an experience as possible.


After a thorough diagnosis of the brand, its current context and a study of its competitors, we needed to specify Saona’s differential attributes and understand what makes this restaurant group different.

We decided to drop the proposal “Friendly coffee & food”, focussed on the product, for a much more aspirational positioning that let us capitalise on a territory, generate a larger, better experience and thereby reach wider audiences.

“Love for the Mediterranean” is a declaration, its founder’s love story and an attitude to life. Love for the Mediterranean speaks to us of enjoyment, caring and conservation.

Through that premise, we defined the new foundations on which the group would rest: celebrating classic Mediterranean cuisine and its customers’ romantic, idealistic outlook. All of this nourished by Love for our Mediterranean (sustainability) and our interior design. Saona offers a seductive space in which to exalt love for Mediterranean culture. A love shared by its entire community.


Based on that idealistic, shared love, we developed the brand’s visual codes. We imbued its image with life and movement, incorporating new colours, fonts and concepts that enabled us to broaden our range of resources, making the brand SAONA an attitude, a lifestyle.