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Life in bright spaces


A team of directors and architects decides to create a chain of designer hotels based on the light and aromas in each locality. Our aim was to create a name, a brand and a differential aesthetic identity with the world of boutique hotels.


When we travel we seek authenticity. Those uniform spaces insulated from people’s lives have been left far behind. Nowadays hotels must represent each city’s culture, tradition and trends. That is why we created a sophisticated, aspirational brand that is fused with its environment and a relaxed lifestyle.


Serawa. Life in bright spaces
We created the Serawa brand. Neither water – which forms part of our beginnings – nor light have form yet both manage to personalise any medium. That is why each of the Serawa spaces is a personal project inspired by each city’s light, so as to create sustainable places adapted to local culture.


Serawa has become the hotel for travellers who seek a relaxed, sustainable lifestyle. An experience for locals and for those who are discovering the city. They all form part of a community in constant quest of a memorable experience.