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Don't say tokens,
say tuents

Brief and Objectives

The famous social-network-come-mobile-phone-operator had a problem: its public still hadn't heard about its sector change and the younger generation had never connected with the brand.

Our goal was to approach teenagers and young people at music festivals, the perfect place to reach out to our target market.


Tuenti needed to be at festivals, adding value but also benefit. Its plan was to use the opportunity of music festivals via its currency. A move from traditional sponsorship activities to different tactics.


Thus Tuents are born: the currency to pay for cool things.

The first time a mobile phone brand had triumphed over the "token", the official festival currency. We made the new brand popular with young people, giving it a place in their pockets and transactions.

We also introduced an element of benefit: when the festival ends, Tuents can be swapped for real gigabytes for Tuenti's different tariffs.

We publicised the new currency before, during and after festivals, using festival materials, fresh messages and the cultural conventions of the younger target market.

The action was publicised using a landing page where festival goers could swap their Tuents at the end of every festival.


- Tuents were present at more than ten festivals throughout Spain, supporting thousands of young people during their best moments of fun.
- Today, we have gained recognition as a mobile phone operator.
- Tuents are taking over as the new festival currency.
- We managed to get young people to connect with a new currency that talked their language and supported them during the coolest times of their lives.
- We made the brand a little bit cooler.