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Brief and Objectives

Verdifresh is the Valencian brand of ready-to-eat salads and vegetables. One of Mercadona's integrated suppliers, its products are players on fresh produce display racks. Nevertheless, the company has a problem: the public are unaware of the brand. Our objective was to devise an action plan to position the Verdifresh brand and make it stand out against future competitors.


Our only media when communicating were our own materials, so we started with the most fundamental item, our image on the display racks.

Our task was not only to create functional packaging, but also to put across the brand's values. Verdifresh hadn't been able to communicate because it still didn't have clear positioning. We decided to take advantage of something we consider to be ours and that we identify with.

Final proposal

We capitalised on "the Mediterranean" and portrayed it on all our materials. The Mediterranean, not only in terms of fresh, healthy gastronomy, but also in the attitude displayed by the people who live there.

We brought together all the qualities that make this region special and included them in our packaging, using our own iconography.

We also restructured and ordered the product's lines and colours. We researched consumer habits and perceptions and associated different colours with the families in the portfolio.


- The project was carried out at the start of 2017 and was distributed to Mercadona stores in May the same year.
- Verdifresh has a new, natural, Mediterranean image. We achieved brand recognition and visual standardisation across families. We increased the number of fans on social networks and now the users themselves upload photos of the freshest vegetable and salad packaging.