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VIU: Proyecto becas YOSÍ


The Valencia International University (VUI) is the online university set up by Grupo Planeta Formación y Universidades. Its main aim is to help people further their professional careers, wherever they happen to be and at whatever stage of their lives. With this commitment to society, they decided to create scholarships aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to study an online university degree while working.


The education and training sector normally communicates with its audience in a very traditional way, transmitting their advantages from a rational and academic viewpoint. Given that these scholarships are aimed at millennials, we wanted to go beyond the established codes being used and approach them in a non-intrusive way, generating content they might like to consume and share in their social media.


Our idea was to have a song written by the singer and model Brisa Fenoy, which we christened by the title "Generation", paying homage to a whole generation of young people who work and want to study a university degree to build themselves a better future. The goal was to convert the campaign into entertainment content in video format and launch it on the major music platforms.


This is how we created the scholarships called BECAS YOSÍ, a digital campaign to publicise the support provided by Valencia International University, 100% funded for working young people who want to study an online university degree. This brand content sought to reach young people through an empowering message and with the same codes used by the music industry to launch albums by famous artists.
Thanks to this campaign, the University aims to offer all young people the necessary tools to achieve their personal goals.