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The rogue wine


Bodegas Arráez is the Spanish east coast rogue winery, and every one of its products is imbued with its character.

The winery has several stars among its best-sellers such as Mala Vino or Bala Perdida. Our objective was to create a new icon, combining all the Arráez values but without cannibalising their other wines. We had to create a wine from scratch, able to measure up to the most successful benchmarks.


The wine sector's approach is still highly traditional. Our task was to break with its homogeneous discourse and speak in a more familiar, emotional tone; a strategy frequently used in the beer sector.

We wanted to give the wine its own story and personality, beyond its aesthetic conventions. To do this, we turned to a public with attitude, one that likes to enjoy life and wine without bothering with technicalities. People with concerns, hedonists without a cause.


We went for a value proposition and naming that would engage a rogue audience and created Vividor, the wine for people who live life to the full.

We connected with the public on an aspirational level, over and above the product itself, by using the story of Martín Lobo, a fictional character and pleasure seeker par excellence.


The artwork displayed on this wine draws from many ideas which, when brought together in this intricate composition, form a complex eye-catching label reflecting the bold, rakish values of Bodegas Arráez.

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In black and white, with strong, compelling outlines, it both reflects and hides an infinite number of cameos brimming with symbolism and double meaning. This is paired with different styles of lettering and an aesthetic along the lines of Pulp culture or American underground comics, such as Charles Burns or Daniel Clowes, giving Vividor one of the most distinctive and feisty labels on the market.

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A wine like Vividor deserved an unconventional unveiling to the public. The event was held at a well-known tattoo studio, where guests could be tattooed with some of the designs from the label, including the brand's logo itself. The launch was a huge success judging by the amount of people who turned up and many did have the Vividor story immortalised on their skin.

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In no time at all, Vividor became a large-scale project, with more than 100,000 bottles sold in less than a year. Today sales are still growing and the bottle has won several prizes in different publicity and design festivals.

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