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Shake up your life


AVIVA is a sparkling wine created by Torre Oria wineries. The striking effect of shaking this product, and the colour of the liquid, had made this wine a success in many countries around the world. But its rapid growth had prevented the winery from defining its brand positioning, graphic universe and personality.


By working on planning and art direction, we defined the brand story and positioning, gave it a graphic identity and a visual tone that would allow any consumer to understand the product placed in front of them.

We created the brand manual, identity and commercial presentations allowing the winery to achieve improved sales of AVIVA in all world markets.


"Shake up your life" was the concept we defined to translate the personality of AVIVA. A concept that helps people to understand the product, encouraging them to shake the bottle, but at the same time making clear that AVIVA is a product for people who really want to enjoy life and have fun. The brand's social channels and actions transfer this desire for celebration at every moment to all the big little things that happen to us every day.


Thanks to this brand definition, the winery now has all the necessary tools to work successfully on all channels, both for intermediate clients and on the end consumer front.