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The melon of the future


Bruñó is one of the leading brands in Spain for watermelons and melons. After the creation of a platform called "La Melonería" [a Spanish coining for “Melonshop"] aimed as showing consumers all the innovations that could be achieved with these products, the brand wanted to present its innovations on the product level, with their commitment to eco-friendliness and smaller-calibre products that are more environmentally sustainable.


Following the strategy outlined in the previous campaign, we used two top-level influencers who could champion a discourse based on innovation, while emphasising respect for the planet and for health. This is why we decided to gain the support of the 2-star Michelin twin chefs, the mediatic Torres Brothers, who are highly popular in Spanish homes because of their fun-loving, down-to-earth character. The idea was for the duo to present the life of the melon and watermelon in more of a television format than an advertising format, right from harvesting all the way up to the creation of a great recipe. This was a TV, digital and branded content campaign with actions undertaken all over the national territory.


Society is changing the way it eats, and the future calls for more sustainable products that care more for the environment. So we used the concept "The melon of the future" to place value on an eco-friendly fruit, on education when feeding the family, and on innovation, as key concepts for the future.


This campaign continues to capitalise on innovation in the fruit and melon sector, increase brand awareness and position the client as the brand that is fully committed to organic products.