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DACSA: Pep & Pepper


Dacsa is one of the leading rice companies in the Valencian Community, having defended the traditional Valencian paella for years. Yet precisely because of this it is aware that rice is the perfect product for innovating and creating fabulous rice dishes apart from paella. To show the value of its versatility as well as the variety of the brand’s different types of rice, we needed to create a campaign that steered the conversation towards other rice dishes.


After the “Rice with things” campaign that let us talk about innovation for the first time, we wanted to go a step further, creating the platform DACSA I+T (Innovation and Tradition). A space where the brand could demonstrate that tradition and innovation can coexist side by side perfectly. To show this we created a campaign starring a robot and an elderly man.


“Pep and Pepper” is a video campaign in which an elderly Valencian gentleman named Pep, who loves a traditional paella, becomes friends with a robot called Pepper.
Together they show consumers that the marriage of both worlds can be marvellous. Through a campaign on TV, digital and off-line media, we managed to convey our message to society.