Header Delikia

They play,
we all win


Delikia is a Valencian company specialising in fresh, healthy food. It has vending machines at different points of sale, in companies, public centres, airports, hospitals, Valencian universities and in Valencia's Metro stations. As sponsors of leading women's sports teams in the Valencia Region, Delikia was aiming to promote equality in sports and give more visibility to women players.


Equality in sports should be part of the game from a very early age, but as a general rule, activities are still being divided into boys and girls’ sports. Well, why do boys have to join soccer teams while the girls do ballet or gymnastics? Why not give the whole thing a twist and promote sports such as football or rugby amongst girls?

The message of our campaign was clear: the more visibility we give to women's sports the more open, tolerant and healthy our society will be. To achieve this, we created a video starring players from some of the main clubs in the Valencia Region.


The video would reflect environments related to sports, tracks and soccer fields, where girls train and play, while also showing urban environments where women have to struggle on a daily basis to achieve the recognition they deserve. Our athletes represented the whole of society, including all struggling women. Because when "they play, we all win".

During the campaign, which ran throughout the season, the vending machines the brand installed at 19 metro stations in the city of Valencia were fully themed with our message. They were all decorated with photos of the players wearing their club colours along with our campaign message.