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ERRE Arquitectura:
Architecture at the service
of the people


ERRE Arquitectura is the studio that was tasked with creating and designing the "Marina de Empresas", the famous entrepreneurial project of businessman Juan Roig. Following its success, the company wanted to renew its image and demonstrate its value proposition compared to other competitors in the sector.


The sector is dominated by a uniform aesthetic that influences the category's content and website representation. The main problem we encountered was a lack of focus. Most websites were intended for other architects, rather than the general public, projecting a cold, technical image and excluding society.


To add substance to the studio without removing its brand identity, we changed the name from R Studio to ERRE Arquitectura. R Studio already existed as a name in the sector and it was causing confusion. We restyled it and created a new, elegant and minimalist image, values that we wanted to convey with the company's development.

To include end clients, we designed a website offering two perspectives: the architect's view and the view of the user in the installation. A website with a simple educational function, far from the sector's cold, technological image.


- With the name change, we increased organic searches for the page.
- We increased visits to the website.
- We made more contacts and conversions.