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Los Arráez:
Serious wines from
a rogue cellar


Bodegas Arráez is the most irreverent and rogue-like wineries in the Spanish Levante and probably in the whole world. Their label designs and namings, together with the quality of their wines, has allowed them to reach out to lots of people.
Their latest launch, the HU-HA techno red wine by Chima Bayo, leaves no one unruffled. It's a wine that joins its rogue companions like Mala Vida and Vividor, which are highly representative of this youthful, rakish winery.

Now, director Toni Arráez wanted to launch a more serious kind of wine with a superior quality. So we were faced with a new positioning within the brand itself.


Until recently, Bodegas Arráez had been offering roguish, rakish wines aimed at the youth and not-so-youth sector. We were faced with the difficulty of creating a new quality wine at a winery with more commercial wines aimed at less demanding consumers. So we had to work on the concept of high-end wines, wines committed to the terroir and the family tradition, which were to become the personal project of winery director Toni Arráez.

Since he arrived at the winery in 2010, Toni always wanted to give things a twist and work with native varieties and old vineyards, just like his grandfather had once done.


To date, Arráez’s communication actions had primarily been aimed at music festivals or fairs, so we had to go a little further and ensure this wine would get known in a more serious way. We looked for a value-enhancing proposal and a naming with which we could capture consumers interested in fine wines and local winegrowing traditions. "Los Arráez" was a tribute to the family, full of meaning: a return to their origins and the early beginnings of the winery.

As a presentation, we staged a tasting event at one of the most emblematic places in Valencia: the 13th-C Celler de Proava. The collection comprised 3 different wines for a more sophisticated audience: Lagares, Verdil and Parcela 0, made from native grapes.

Combining seriousness and good taste with disruptive, ground-breaking elements, the labels had to show origin and tradition while claiming lots of attention, just like the rest of the wines from this grower.

Parcela 0:

The label of this wine shows a crocodile holding a glass of wine in its jaws, representing the tradition of the age-old wine making processes, with all the sophistication and delicacy of today's wines.


This striking label with a harvester on the back of a triceratops is a tribute to the winery's ancestors and roots. Here, we wanted to capture the know-how and philosophy of Toni's great-grandfather, the winery's founder.

Blanco Verdil

Here, we made a bid for a transgressive white wine with a strong personality, fresh and complex, transmitting the essence of this area of ​​the Mediterranean. The label has a drawing of the "samaruc", a fish native to the Valencian Community and now in danger of extinction. The samaruc is flying below an aviator, representing precisely those very first winemakers in this land. All this was a bid to create a transgressive wine paying homage to our land and everything we've learned from our ancestors.


- The Arráez family has managed to position themselves as purveyors of high-end wines, obtaining very good reviews from the trade.

- The label design won the Gold Award for the Best Branding Packaging category at the leading food marketing awards nationwide, the Best Awards 2018.